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Islamic and Chinese Medicine: Source based activities

Source based activities.

There are a number of activities available in this section. Worksheets to accompany the teaching of this unit are available from the teachers resources page.

1) Usefulness of Sources  

Sources relating to Islamic medicine. A hint section is available for students to guide them in their answers.

2) The Reliability of Sources

Again the content here is Islamic medicine. The activity examines the reliability of the source material and provides a writing frame in word format for students to enter their responses in. This document is also available in pdf format from the downloads section.

Oriental and Islamic medicine - other pages in this section:

Oriental medicine: background, Disease, anatomy and surgery, Islamic medicine, Chinese medicine, Source based activities



Amazon Buyer Review:

This book is based on Greek medicine as understood and some what improved by Avicenna. Gain insight in to the holsitic energetics of health and disease by reading this book. Understand the role within the body of the Four Elements Earth, Water Air and Fire and the Four Humours Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile and Black Bile.

Review by Abdul Kareem

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