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Activities relating to The Great Plague of 1665


a) Use the information on this broadsheet newspaper from 1665 to complete this spreadsheet that outlines the casualties caused by the Great Plague of 1665.

b) Find TWO pages that describe the Great Plague in London in 1665. (These pages can be on the internet, Encarta or in a class text book). Use these to write a report on the plague. This report must include:

the causes of the Great plague
the consequences of the Great Plague
a contemporary account of attitudes towards the disease
an image
The report MUST be word processed and should not exceed 300 words.

c) Prepare a presentation on either the causes or the consequences of the Great Plague of 1665. This presentation should make use of Power point, OHP's etc. The presentation should make use of an image and you should substantiate at least one of your points using the data that you have collected. The presentation will last no longer than 5 minutes.

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Medicine in the Middle Ages

The third book in the History of Medicine series. This book explores a range of areas often forgotten by GCSE students. The book provides a clear narrative of the way in which the Black Death spread, and of the range of beliefs that influenced decisions about treatments. The book also provides an interesting insight into the role of monasteries, women and the development of surgical and medical practices at the time.

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