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Philanthropists are people who used their own wealth and influence to try and change things. In Bradford we have the example of Sir Titus Salt. he was a wool merchant who became very wealthy as a result of his knowledge of the markets and innovative use of Alpaca Wool. He believed that his workers would work better away from the filth of bradford, and had other, moral reasons for deciding to develop his model village at Saltaire.

Things to consider:

  1. What problems does Salt identify in Bradford?
  2. What reasons may he have for wanting to build a new factory and housing complex?

Source 1

But there were others who thought other things equally to blame. In 1849 Titus Salt, then Mayor of Bradford, commissioned a Report into the Moral Condition of Bradford which concluded that alcoholism and venereal disease ranked along side tuberculosis as the three major evils, to an extent even greater than smallpox.

Pete Crosier, Bradford College. Hosted on the BBC website at





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