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A parliamentary report of 1777 recorded local workhouses in operation at Bradford (for up to 70 inmates), Chapel Allerton (2), Calverley with Farsley (40), Clayton (20), Heaton (8), Horton (40), Idle (60), Manningham (36), North Bierley and Bowling (70), and Thornton (30).
Eden, in his 1797 survey of the poor in England, reported of Bradford that:

The Poor are maintained in a Workhouse, in a convenient, airy situation at a little distance from the town. There are 74 inmates, mostly old women, old men and children.

In 1812, Bradford was one a several urban workhouses to issue poor relief in the form of specially minted workhouse tokens. These were useable at local shops and could be redeemed by shop-keepers at the workhouse or union offices. These were intended to try and ensure that monetary relief was not spent on unapproved goods such as alcohol.

Source 2

Following the creation of the Bradford Union in February 1837, the town was the scene of vigorous anti-Poor Law campaigning. This peaked in November 1837 during a visit of Assistant Poo Law Commissioner Alfred Power — his meetings with the Guardians were disrupted and he was attacked by a crowd. A contingent of six London police officers was sent to maintain order. On 18th November, cavalry troops from Leeds were called in to quell a mob attacking a meeting at the Courthouse. The Riot Act was read, and over five thousand protestors, armed mainly with stones, fought a running battle with the troops who responded with sabres and, eventually, muskets.





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