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Medicine in the Renaissance

The Renaissance was a period of many discoveries and new ideas. Students need to be able to esablish whether these discoveries led to improvements in the way that people were treated. Did the ideas of medical greats such as Vesalius, Harvey and Pare result in immediate, gradual or no improvements?

Wiliam Harvey

Andreas Vesalius

Ambroise Pare - coming soon

The Great Plague



William Harvey - and accompanying prompt sheet.

Andreas Vesalius

The Renaissance - a chart to summarise key features.

The Renaissance - a second summarising chart.

The Renaissance - timeline activity.

Enquiry into the impact of the Great Plague

Detailed overview of the renaissance with exam style activities.


Recomended revision links

BBC Bitesize offers revision tips and tests on renaissance medicine.

This revision diagram on is very useful.

Got unanswered questions? Try this virtual interview, provided by hosts a very good revision lesson on the Renaissance.


Teaching ideas hosts a number of active learning lesson plans relating to medicine in the Renaissance era. This link is to a page of activities covering all aspects of the period 1500-1750, the medicine activities are easy to spot within this list.







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