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Medicine through time - by theme / factor

Note: most of these pages currently provide summaries relating to some themes and factors. The pages will be updated to provide a detailed chronology relating to the themes and factors in the coming weeks. See Public Health in the Industrial Revolution for an example of how the themes and factors will be presented once completed. Details of the updates will be posted on the home page of the site, or you can get an instant update of the sites contents by subscribing to the RSS feed.

Summary units reating to each theme / factor

Pulling things together

Understanding chronology

Continuity and change in Medicine through time also see the Dummies Guide to this issue.


Public Health also a Dummies Guide to this issue.

The Transformation of Surgery also a Dummies Guide to this issue.

The Development of Nursing also a Dummies Guide to this issue.

Role of Women in the Medical Profession


Chance as a factor in developing medicine

How have Science and Technology changed medicine?

Religion as a factor in the History of medicine

How War has affected medicine

The role of Government in the history of medicine








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