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Astrology Charts

Astrology Charts From Ancient Times people have looked to the stars to try and explain things that are happening, or going to happen, on Earth. Astrologers have played a big part in influencing beliefs over the ages: something that continues …Read more »


Timepieces Timepieces are things like watches and clocks. They play an important part in the development of medical science and understanding. Observation of patients, taking a pulse, checking samples etc are all significantly improved through timing. 


Refrigeration The development of Refrigeration allowed doctors and scientists to keep samples, organs and blood in a usable state for longer.     Links History Magazine – not specific to the History of Medicine, this site covers the wider impact …Read more »

Roman Sewers

Roman Sewers The Romans were’t the first civilisation to develop systems designed to improve Public Health. They stand out though because of the scale of their development. Sewer systems were built across the Empire, to take waste from neighbourhoods into …Read more »

Copper Piping in Ancient Babylon

Copper Piping Copper Piping was introduced in Ancient Babylonia as a means of getting water into households. The system is not too far removed from the one that we have today, with pipes taking water from reservoirs to individual houses.  …Read more »

Victorian Sewers

Victorian Sewers In the Victorian Age there was a surge in the number of Sewers that were built in British Cities. As a result of the numerous Public Health Acts there was a concerted effort to build effective Sewers across …Read more »

River Nile in Flood

The River Nile The River Nile gave Ancient Egyptians many ideas about the way that fluids moved. They applied things that they observed in the flooding of the Nile and the Irrigation trenches to the human body. This informed their beliefs about …Read more »

Rod of Asclepious

The Snake A snake may seem to be an odd item to select as an object relating to Medicine. However it is one of the universally recognised medical symbols This is because of it’s use in rituals and symbols associated …Read more »


The Aqueduct Aqueducts are a feat of engineering that enables water to be brought from outlying lakes, rivers and reservoirs into towns and Cities. The Romans, in particular, are renowned for their development of aqueducts around major population centres.   …Read more »


Petri dishes are used in scientific experiments. They are designed to hold samples on a sterile surface and can be used to grow spawns or to hold samples that are being analysed. The most famous use the Petri dish in …Read more »

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