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River Nile in Flood

The River Nile The River Nile gave Ancient Egyptians many ideas about the way that fluids moved. They applied things that they observed in the flooding of the Nile and the Irrigation trenches to the human body. This informed their beliefs about …Read more »

Rod of Asclepious

The Snake A snake may seem to be an odd item to select as an object relating to Medicine. However it is one of the universally recognised medical symbols This is because of it’s use in rituals and symbols associated …Read more »


The Aqueduct Aqueducts are a feat of engineering that enables water to be brought from outlying lakes, rivers and reservoirs into towns and Cities. The Romans, in particular, are renowned for their development of aqueducts around major population centres.   …Read more »


Petri dishes are used in scientific experiments. They are designed to hold samples on a sterile surface and can be used to grow spawns or to hold samples that are being analysed. The most famous use the Petri dish in …Read more »

CT_Scan_of_Dale_Mahalko's_brain-skull (1)

A CT scan is a computerised method of x-raying the inside of the body.  Usually the person will lay flat on the back and the x-ray machine will rotate around them. It produces high-quality high-definition images of the inside of the …Read more »

Wound man illustration from the Wellcome Collection

A Wound Man is an illustration of the Human Body that shows the numerous types of injury that can be inflicted on the body in warfare. Wound Man illustrations first appeared in the Middle Ages and were used across the …Read more »

Eye of Horus

An amulet is an object, often a charm, that is intended to protect it’s owner from danger or harm. Amulet’s and charms of this type have been used throughout time. In the Ancient World Amulet’s were commonplace. For example, the Amulet below …Read more »


There is a fascinating article on Ancient Origins about the various uses of Mummies as medicines and for other purposes over  time.  Ancient Origins Whilst tomb robbing and the display of Mummies is well documented, some of the more macbre …Read more »


A defibrillator uses electronic currents to re-establish a normal heart beat. The ability to use electricity to control the beat of the heart has been known for some time: first recorded in the 1770’s.  The Defibrillator itself was first tested on …Read more »

Water Pump

The Water Pump The Water Pump has played a key role in the development of Public Health over the years. It has been used for reasons of Public Health, to extract drinking water, to aid irrigation and to enable cleaning …Read more »

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