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      Images from the History of Medicine. A small but interesting set of images relating to the History of Medicine. The majority of the images in this set relate to surgery and anatomy.     Click here to …Read more »

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Danny Birchall, Digital Manager at the Wellcome Trust has written a great abstract about a series of galleries that the Trust created as part of the Medical London project. The Wellcome Trust undertook a Medical London project that has resulted …Read more »

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Winky the Watchman

Public Information Broadcasts and footage from Film Archives provide a great audio-visual aide to learning about many aspects of Medicine in the Twentieth Century.  One such archive that I’ve discovered recently is the Moving Image archive held by the National …Read more »

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Koch's Postulates

Koch’s Postulates are four criteria that determine the relationship between a disease and a microbe. Robert Koch developed this idea in the 1880′s as a result of experimentation. They form the basis for modern Bacteriology.  Koch’s postulates are: The microorganism …Read more »

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Circulating Now is part of the US National Library of Medicine website. As the name suggests, it is a section that focusses on things that are topical, or popular at the moment.  Delivered in the form of a regularly updated …Read more »

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Bizarre 18th Century Surgery. Alpha History have a section dedicated to weird History. It’s often hilarious and is well worth a read. This particular story is one that made me both wince and laugh at – try doing that at …Read more »


This post is really just a little heads up and pointer to an article I found quite interesting. The editor of medscape, a highly respected Medical website, has posted a blog post in which he says that: I think this …Read more »

Contact lenses

One of the hottest concepts in eye care these days is LASIK surgery, and it’s of course very tempting to opt for this method of vision correction. Theoretically, laser eye surgery sets a patient up with near perfect vision for …Read more »

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The Liberal Reforms were a series of government measures designed to help people who couldn’t help themselves. They included the introduction of National Insurance; Old Age Pensions; Free School Meals and also included legislation covering medical checks of school pupils, limits to working hours and the opening of the first Labour Exchanges (job centres).

Throughout time people have made use of herbal remedies for a range of ailments. This post identifies a number of common illnesses and shows how herbal remedies have been used to alleviate the problem at different points in time.

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