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A defibrillator uses electronic currents to re-establish a normal heart beat. The ability to use electricity to control the beat of the heart has been known for some time: first recorded in the 1770′s.  The Defibrillator itself was first tested on …Read more »

Water Pump

The Water Pump The Water Pump has played a key role in the development of Public Health over the years. It has been used for reasons of Public Health, to extract drinking water, to aid irrigation and to enable cleaning …Read more »


Forceps Forceps are used during the final stages of giving birth. Forceps are designed to help the child, and mother, during a difficult birth. Forceps are used to guide the baby in these final stages of labour. The forcep is …Read more »


Leather Belt Leather Belts are probably considered to be little more than a fashion accessory in the modern world. At worst, a practical item to keep ones pants from falling down. However they have had a rather different use in …Read more »


Leeches Leeches have been used in Medical practice for a very long time. A Leech is a small creature that looks a little bit like a slug. Unlike a slug, a Leech will bite into flesh and suck blood. This …Read more »

medieval pestle and mortar

Pestle and Mortar A Pestle and Mortar is used to grind herbs. They are found in many kitchens. They have also been used by practitioners of traditional, herbal, remedies over the ages. A Pestle and Mortar is a reminder that …Read more »


A Skeleton Skeleton’s are a fairly macabre object to include, though one that simply has to be on the list. Skeletons are of great use to Medical Historians, as they can tell us all sorts of things about the life, …Read more »


 Yin and Yang Yin and Yang are Chinese symbols dating back to roughly 200BC. Yin and Yang represent opposites. Chinese doctors at the time believed that life was given by a vital energy that they called qi. Qi flowed around …Read more »


Statue of Asclepius Asclepius was a God of medicine in the Ancient Greek City States. Temples, called Asclepions, were built for his worship around Greece and in the Roman Empire. These Asclepions became centres of healing. They were based on a …Read more »

Musket Balls recovered from the Battlefield at Naseby

The Musket and Shot Object 24 on this journey through medical objects is not really medical at all. It’s a weapon. The Musket and the Balls or Shot that it fires. The Musket was a turning point not only on …Read more »

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