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Timelines relating to the History of Medicine

An interactive timeline created by the Science Museum.

This site provides an overview of the major discoveries and inventions that have influenced medicine through time.

Wikipedia provide a detailed timeline of medical technology.


Timelines by theme and factor

Public Health - a simple sorting exercise asking you to place a number of issues relating to Public Heath in the right chronological order.

Public Health. A selection of examples of Public Health iniatives over time.

Religion and beliefs. A selection of examples of the links between medical practice and religious and spiritual beliefs over time.

War and chance. A selection of examples of the way that war and chance have affected medical practice over time.

Surgery. An overview of some of the breakthroughs and developments in surgical techniqes over time.

Science, technology and communications. Examples of scientific and technological changes that have affected medicine.

Discover how the extreme demands of war have driven medical innovation in this interactive timeline provided by the NHS.

Medicine and Medical Technology. Wikipedia timeline of medicine and medical technology through the ages.


Timelines by period

Greek medicine. A detailed timeline of medicine in Greece.

Interactive timeline of modern medicine.






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